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A fresh name, an old expert

Supervisual was born from a team that has worked on hundreds of display projects, outgrowing its previous name, Näyttöpojat. Digital signage remains at the heart of our business - now with a broader scope, a more end-to-end service and a bigger gear. For us, the world is not static. Constant movement and rapid change open up great opportunities for business development.

Digital signages are more than technology

In the world of Supervisual, digital signages are more than technology. We are driven by our customers' communication and business needs and the new possibilities that screens offer.

With us, even change happens in the comfort zone

A step towards a more dynamic era and more effective communication does not have to be complicated. Our mission is to take away the fears and concerns associated with new technology - and turn them into opportunities that drive your business forward. We help our clients from the idea stage and provide a complete service throughout the lifecycle of their displays - from design, installation, operation, maintenance and recycling.

A team of four experts is ready for the challenges

Our team of four professionals comes from a wide range of backgrounds. It creates a vibrant can-do spirit, where challenges of all shapes and sizes are met with curiosity and passion - and if there's something we don't yet know, we'll find out. Despite the fiery and professional approach to challenges, making doesn't have to be serious. Our aim is that every project leaves a good feeling for everyone involved, which makes people come back to the table to celebrate successes and learn from challenges - and sometimes even after the actual work is done.


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